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Gift Bouquets – Make Your Loved Ones Day Special | Send Birthday Flowers Online with FlowersHut


A bouquet is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of a birthday gift for a loved one. Instead, you want to get something huge and pricey that would put a grin on your loved one's face right away. And finding such a present isn't always straightforward. In our zeal to buy the grandest and most excellent gift, we often forget that the person may not desire an elegant present. Instead, they prefer small and pleasant presents as well as your companionship. Thus, in such instances, a birthday bouquet is always a perfect choice for gifting.


If you are looking to order birthday flowers online and have them sent to your loved ones as a surprise, check out FlowersHut's birthday bouquet collection! Select from a wide range of flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, gerberas, and more. For birthdays, beautiful flower bouquets and enticing flower arrangements are prepared on special request. Then, send flowers online for delivery with our exclusive online delivery service.


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Why Flowers Make The Best Birthday Gift| Birthday Flowers - Send Flowers Online | Free Delivery with FlowersHut


People love flowers on their birthdays because they represent elegance and simplicity. Each blossom has a particular brilliant colour and a delicious aroma that is refreshing to all. Furthermore, flowers are a perfect example of how the gift-giving tradition is more about making a gesture and expressing your thoughts than the gift itself. And a bunch of exotic flowers accomplishes precisely that. It gives your present a personal touch that no other gift can match. FlowersHut offers beautiful collections of birthday flowers and online birthday flowers delivery services all over India. Browse our collection and order your favourites now!


FlowersHut Birthday Flower Varieties | Best Birthday Flowers Online


Birthday flowers are likewise devoid of clutter. When looking for birthday flowers, keep in mind that each flower has a different meaning.  FlowersHut has a large selection of floral gifts for you to pick from. Our collection includes happy birthday bouquets, flower bouquets, flower baskets, mixed flowers bouquets, 2 tier flower arrangements, a heart-shaped flower arrangement, and more. FlowersHut online birthday flowers delivery service allows you to send birthday flowers online to anywhere in India. All of our orders are delivered at the specified date and specific time. With just a few clicks, you can order flowers online in Mumbai, Kolkata, or any other city, and they will be delivered to the recipient's doorstep without any fuss. We make flower delivery online fast, simple and effective. Your loved ones, as well as their friends, will like our enhanced flowers. Browse our collection and order now!


Language of Birthday Flowers | Order Best Birthday Gifts from FlowersHut


Discover the secret language of flowers with FlowersHut! FlowersHut poses a vast collection of all your favourite flowers, which you can order online along with a Birthday cake to complete your surprise package.


Do you know? Flowers offered a highly sophisticated means of communicating. For example, Roses, poppies, and lilies may express a wide range of emotions simply by changing their colour. Take, for example, the numerous connotations associated with variously coloured carnations: Pink meant "I'll never forget you," white meant "the sweet and gorgeous," and yellow signified "romantic rejection." 


The colour of the rose, unsurprisingly, has a significant impact. Roses come in a range of hues, each with its meaning. Red roses symbolize love and desire, but roses come in various colours, each with its purpose. A white rose symbolizes purity, innocence, reverence, and a new beginning, and the red rose symbolizes love. Grace, happiness, and kindness are all attributes associated with the pink rose.


FlowersHut has a broad selection of birthday flowers, including lilies, roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, and more in various colours and flower arrangements. Send colourful birthday flowers to your loved ones and captivate them with FlowersHut online birthday flowers today! Do you wish to send online bouquet delivery done to your home? You can order a birthday bouquet online or send greetings to a loved one on their special day. FlowersHut birthday flower delivery is available in over 550 cities across India. So, take pleasure in giving flowers at the most reasonable prices with FlowersHut. 


Surprise Your Loved Ones with FlowersHut Best Birthday Flowers | Online Flower Delivery Across India


Birthday Flowers for Partners: Your cherished one has a special place in your heart. And it's always an excellent idea to make their birthday special by purchasing a romantic bouquet online. A heart-shaped red rose bouquet would be the ideal gift for creating romantic memories to last a lifetime.


Birthday Flower for Friends: Everyone's lifeline is their friends. For such friends, sending a bunch of yellow flowers as a surprise birthday gift will bring so much happiness on their special day, nurturing your friendship even more. 


Birthday Flower for Parents/Grandparents: Parents are the ones who taught us everything about the world. Any parent would be proud and endlessly happy when their child especially celebrates their birthday. So, surprise them with a pink carnations bouquet from FlowersHut. FlowersHut exclusively offers online flower delivery to help you plan the best floral surprise! Check out our collection now!


Birthday Flowers for Brother/Sister: Make your siblings' birthdays special by sending them a beautiful arrangement of flowers online with a secret message. After making an order, you can expect to receive your Online Bouquet Delivery within 3-4 hours. Order ahead to avoid any hassles.


Birthday Flowers for Relations: Relatives are our extended families who love and cherish our relationship from childhood. They are our shadow of wisdom. Send surprises on their birthdays by ordering a floral surprise from FlowersHut and let them know of their value in your life. 


Birthday Flowers for Teachers: A guru is respected above parents as they shape and direct a kid's life much more than parents. So, why not show some appreciation for all that your teachers do for you? Send flowers online to wish your teachers a joyous, happy birthday!


Order Birthday Flowers Online with FlowersHut | All Flowers Available for Home Delivery - Order Now!

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Happy Birthday Flower Bouquets

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Early Morning Delivery

Amazing Birthday Flower Bouquets

White Lilies

Birthday Flower for Husband / Wife

Below Rs: 500/-

Same Day Delivery

Best Birthday Flower Bouquets


Birthday Flower for Her / Him

Above Rs: 600/-

Midnight Delivery

Birthday Flower Idea for Gifting


Birthday Flower for Boyfriend / Girlfriend

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Next Day Delivery

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Birthday Flower for Brother and Sister

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Flowers are real love symbols, making them the ideal gift to send to your loved ones on important occasions. Because flowers are everyone's favourite, a bouquet can never go wrong, whether it's to wish a friend a happy birthday or to honour your mother on Mother's Day. You can choose Flower Basket as a Valentine present for them even if you plan to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day. You can also order cake and flowers as a package to make the most of your loved ones' birthday.


List of Flowers Offered by FlowersHut | Exclusive Online Birthday Flower Collection


Red rose Flower Bouquet – Send a rose online and express your universal love because a rose is more than just a flower; it is a transforming bouquet that symbolizes love, appreciation, or friendship.

Carnation Flower Bouquet – The birth flower for those born in January is carnation. Carnations in light red signify admiration, while dark red carnations represent deep love and affection. 

Gerbera Flower Bouquet – Gerbera represents innocence and purity and a timeless emblem of beauty. The gerbera variety also has an added sense of cheerfulness, attributed to the range of colours.

Exotic Flower Bouquet – Gift a bouquet of exotic online flowers to your loved ones and watch their eyes get lit up with delight!

Orchid Flower Bouquet - Orchids are linked to vigour and fertility. These associations and their exotic beauty have long been connected with love and elegance across countries and periods.

Lily Flower Bouquet - Each lily type is associated with a different meaning. However, the most popular connotations are purity and birth. The lily flower's delicate and innocent beauty has given it the importance of new life and rebirth. Choose our Lily flower delivery online and get your favourites today!


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Most Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. How can I use your website to order birthday flowers online?

Go to www.flowershut.com. Click Flowers in the menu bar, and browse for the flowers you wish to order. Next, click Buy Now and go to the checkout page. If you are a new customer, you must first register. Existing customers need to log in, choose their delivery city or pin code, and place their order directly.


Q2. How far in advance should I place a flower delivery order?

FlowersHut takes about 3-4 hours to process our order. Therefore, it is always good to order ahead of time to minimize any last-minute hassles with flower availability.


Q3. Do you offer an after-hour delivery service?

Yes, we do! After-hour service timing is between 11:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. Midnight delivery services are also available. Choose the type of delivery you wish to avail, and your order will be delivered accordingly.


Q4. How much is the delivery price for birthday flowers?

FlowersHut does not charge for the delivery of orders above ______/-.


Q5. Do you accept payment by credit or debit card?

FlowersHut accepts all types of payment. We provide you with a simple interface for paying for your orders. Credit cards, debit cards, Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe are all accepted. Choose the required mode of payment during check out.


Q6. Is it possible to deliver my personalized message with my birthday flowers?

Yes, you can send flower bouquets together with a special message for your loved ones. Mention the message you would like to convey in the message box.


Q7. Is it possible to have a cake sent together with the flowers?

Yes! The best birthday gift is a combo of cakes and flowers. Birthday cake delivery along with flower delivery is available online only at FlowersHut. Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Rainbow Cake, Strawberry Cake, Photo Cake are some of the most delicate desserts you can choose from. 


Q8. Is there a discount if I order flowers from FlowersHut?

Yes! The best part of ordering from us is the great discount coupons and tempting offers we provide in floral gifts. To get the FlowersHut flower coupons and promotion codes, all you have to do is register with us!

If you order flowers online from us, you will receive a flat Rs. 100/- discount on all types. _____ is the code to use. The maximum value of the deal is Rs. 100/- and only applies to orders of Rs. 1199/- or more.

By using the code ________, you can get up to 10% off your order, with the maximum discount being Rs. 200 on orders above Rs. 799.