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  • 500 gm Kalakand.
  • Nicely Packed in Box.
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Decorate your reception table with this wee sweet!

In every meeting or any celebration gathering, there is supposed to be a reception committee which is intended to welcome everybody. Thinking of so many choices of sweet to place in reception table. Then it can surely be kalakand which is wee but filled with sugar crystals. Get the sugar crystals to make others happy who are about to attend the meeting.

Get one kg of kalakand which will be more than enough for many people. Since it is tiny in size and fully dipped with sugar coats people don’t take it in more amounts. Only quality kalakand is given to people from a branded sweet outlet. People can surely take care of this in a very short time. It is very simple for people to make use of these yummy wee sweets and welcome a very big gathering.

Only quality sweets are provided to people who are ready to get it. Even there are so many shapes and colors available in kalakand. People can choose based on their interest. It is quite normal to pick the square ones which are transparent. Most of the people love it because they are easy to consume and even they are handy. Get lost in the tastes of little sweets which are made with quality sweet crystals. It is time to emerge yourself in the world of sweet with the help of these kinds of little sweets. Even spread your own happiness with others with the help of these tiny square kalakand. 

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