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Adorable Roses

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This Product Contains -:

  • 30 Yellow Roses .
  • Nicely Wrapped in 3 Layer Blue Paper Packing with Wraffia Rassi Knote.
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful.
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The best present for your mom on a reunion

Most of the people are away from their moms due to jobs and other professional reasons. If you are one among them then your thoughts for getting back home will make you buy something special. To make things extra special try buying flowers when you are about to visit your mom.

Yellow roses: The yellow color is one of the mesmerizing colors which are loved by many people. It brings a pleasant appearance inside the house. Try to purchase some of the bouquets which have got 50 numbers of same colored yellow roses. When you are about to get a yellow rose bouquet make sure that the packing paper is blue in color because blue goes smooth with yellow and shows off the admirable yellow flowers.

Dressed with raffia grass: The complete bouquet is knotted up at the bottom with raffia grass white variety to bring a pleasant appearance for the bouquet. Even seasonal fillers are added to the bouquet to make it refreshing. People can surely buy these kinds of flowers when they are about to visit their moms after a long time. This surely throws a surprise on the faces of their moms without any doubts. 

Make sure your count of 50 roses goes down because the number of roses packed up gives a top-notch appearance to the bouquet. Impress in your mom on a different level with the help of this yellow colored rose bouquet which can do wonders in bonding your relationship much stronger.  

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