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Chocolaty Mixed Ambrosial

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This Product Contains -:

  • 5 Red Anthuriums , 5 White Lilies , 10 Red Carnations. 
  • Nicely Wrapped in 2 Layer White Paper Packing With Red Raffia Knote. 
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful. 
  • 500 gm Delicious Chocolate Cake. 
  • Serves 5-7 Persons . 
  • Eggless Cakes . 
  • Knife and Candles Inclusive. 
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Even people will forget to blink at the sight of these beauties!

Just blink to look even better at the beauties which are arranged together. A single bouquet which has got various combinations can surely make people happy without any other thoughts. Your world will be stuck for a minute in the exquisite of this flower bouquet. The combination of flowers which are arranged together is making many people go crazy within a short time. The flowers can surely bring lots of cheerfulness to both the receiver and giver without any doubts.

Get lost in the prettiness

A bunch of 5 anthuriums is placed at the initial phase and lovely six Asiatic white lilies are fixed in the midst of 10 lovable red carnations to bring bliss to the people on the first sight. Even some of the beautiful seasonal fillers are added to the bouquet to make it more magnificent. The base of the bouquet is the white color paper which shows off the bouquet at various levels. This bouquet can be presented for various grand occasions because this shows off in a delightful manner.

Combination of cake

The bouquet comes with the combination of 500 gm chocolate truffle cake which tastes so scrumptious. Only fresh oven baked cakes are being delivered in online to keep the standards high among the customers. The cakes are exquisitely baked using the finest ingredients which entice your taste buds every for a long time. The chocolate is so fresh that the sweetest stays for a longer period. Get this beautiful cake and flower combination to surprise anybody on the earth.  

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