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Love special

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This Product Contains -:

  • 50 Red Roses .
  • Nicely Wrapped in 2 Layer Jute Packing Raffia Knote .
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful.
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Expressing the intense of love using red roses

Like love is special in life, the rose is special among flowers. No flower can create the magic of love like roses. The bunch of roses will be a feast for eyes as it looks stunning and attractive. The wow factor of red rose cannot be felt in any other flower. It is small, unique and attractive and most of the people love roses especially the red rose. Red rose is one of the best flower gifts a person can give to the opposite gender. The color red symbolizes the intensity of love. The bunch of red roses gifted to the loved one will create an immense joy of love between the hearts. Red rose is the best among all other gifts. It can be any kind of love; red rose has its special place in love and affection.

Matchless gift for any occasion

A bunch of 50 Red roses in red jute packing is an attractive gift to choose. Just a single rose will create an incomparable feeling of being loved, then how it would be to gift 50 red roses to the loved one. The bunch of 50 red roses packed in red jute packing is really a matchless gift for any special occasion. It takes special feeling to choose roses especially the red roses for gifting. To enhance the feeling of love through the pure fragrance and attraction the bunch of red roses is the ideal choice. Nothing can beat this since it is a unique gift that will attract any kind of person irrespective of age.

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