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Odouriferous Arrangement

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This Product Contains -:

  • 2 Oriental Pinlk Lilies , 4 Purple Orchids , 5 Red Carnations , 6 Daisy and 10 White Roses. 
  • Nicely Arranged In Glass Vase .
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful.
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Exquisite floral arrangement in a glass vase

The arrangement of flowers for the gift would be really awesome. A different set of flowers on a single vase of glass will be the most impressive gift. Flowers attract any kind of people and it is a combination of beauty, attraction, and freshness. Different flowers have different colors with different shape and style. Some of the flowers have the unique set of colors.  Nothing can be as best as flowers for gifting purposes. When it comes to gifting, people choose flowers as one of the main especially to gift to the special person. With flowers as the gift, a person can make an ordinary day as special one.

Amazing gift for any occasion

A nice glass vase arrangement of 4lilies, 4orchids, 5 carnations, 10 daisy, and 10 roses is the most amazing gift for any occasion to the special person. Just check the arrangement of the set of famous flowers that come in a single glass vase. The beauty of this gift item is the arrangement of the different set of flowers in different numbers.  Lilies attract with its beauty and mildness and the orchids with its shape. Carnations are known for the colors and daisy is for elegance. Roses added in this gift are white that brings a lot of purity and freshness. The innocence of these flowers together brings the best gift for the loved ones on their special day.

This gift will be the right choice to express the love and affection with pure and innocent beautiful flowers together steal the hearts with their attractive presence. This is the best floral arrangement for the best price. 

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