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Perfect Combo

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This Product Contains -:

  • 10 Asiatic Lilies White and Orange Color .
  • Nicely Wrapped in 2 Layer Yellow Paper Packing with Orange Raffia Knote.
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful. 
  • 6 Inches Teddy which Makes Combo Perfect.
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Lilies for bringing happiness within a short span!

The bloom of lilies can surely bring happiness to you and your family. If you have got your sister’s birthday approaching on the way, make sure that you are presenting some of the best lilies for the happiness of your sister. The lilies are a genuine breed of flowers which has got an exemplary style of attraction. The lilies can surely bloom the flower of happiness at your home!

Combo gifting packages

When it comes to your sister’s birthday make sure you are presenting something extraordinary. To see a curvy smile in your sister’s face, try to get a beautiful combination of 10 dually colored lilies with a 6 inches teddy. The dual colored lilies are one of the rare kinds which can entice the thirst for the beauty of lilies. This complete combination package can surely make your sister happy and throw her little surprises.

Little combination surprise

These kinds of combination surprises are budget-friendly and people can surely make use of it in various ways. Don’t miss or mess up with these kinds of bouquets and teddy bear offers. The teddy bear is completely stuffed some of the best cotton to make it much fluffy which your little sister can play with. The dually colored flowers can surely bring lots of happiness for your sister because it is very rare to see these kinds of dually colored lilies. Lilies can turn out to be one of the special gifts for surprising your sister in exceptional ways.

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