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Puppy Golden Money Plant

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This Product Contains -: 

  • Plant : Money Plant . 
  • Height of Plant Approximate -: 7 to 15 cm 
  • Includes ceramic Puppy Golden Planter 
  • We can Keep this in Indoor Plant
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This plant is called money plant because its leaves (round, flat, heart-shaped, dark green and somewhat thick) are coin-like. It is a perennial plant, it grows in the form of a vine. This plant is mainly planted indoors.

An amazing planter for all plant lovers. The Puppy Golden Planter can be used for herbs, succulents, and different varieties of small plants. Made from ceramic, this planter is ideal for both office and home spaces and will make your garden look more fun. This dog planter is also ideal for gifting to your friends, family, and colleagues on special occasions.

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