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Snowy Cake

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This Product Contains -: ? 3 Kg Designer Cake. ? Eggless Cake. ? Knife and Candle Included. ? Coated With Fondant Icing. ? Prepared in Choice of Flavour.
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Celebrate your love with layers of cake

People fall in love with someone who is about to have the same tastes. Today is the best day of the year to express your love and it cannot get winded up without a piece of cake. There are so many flavored cakes to express your dense sense of love for the people. The cakes are the best way to express your love and affection for anybody. These cakes are the collection of happiness grouped together.

The fondant cake with 2 layers which weighs about 2 kgs can be used to celebrate any kind of occasion. Either it can be the anniversary or your kid’s birthday or any special day of your life. This cake can surely bring lots of happiness and joy which you have never expected in your living time. Only quality products are used for baking the cake and people of can surely enjoy the delicate of the cake. The cake is so soft and smooth even it melts on our taste buds. They are textured with a soft and whipped cream which is healthier. Even kids can have this fondant cake which is completed for 2 layers. This is really a big cake and it can be sliced on big occasions to distribute with so many people. Disturbing cakes are the act of spreading your happiness to another person’s without any bigger risks. Just share your big slices of cake with other people to make them fall in happiness and love. We have just one life to live and it is time to celebrate it with happiness. 

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