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The Goofy Senseveria

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This Product Contains -: 

  • Senseveria Plant . 
  • Height of Plant Approximate -: 7 to 15 cm 
  • Includes Fiber The Goofy Pot 
  • We can Keep this in Indoor Plant


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Senseveria plant helps in purifying the air around you and keeps your surroundings healthy. It is an amazing house plant and will add to the charm of your overall home decor. It is not very big in size and works perfectly as an indoor plant, and can also be used on your work desk. It is one of the most popular plants that people keep in their home.

A cute decorative planter for your office and home garden. The Goofy Planter can be used for herbs, succulents, and different varieties of small plants. It is ideal for both home and office spaces. It enhances the overall décor of your garden. This happy planter is also ideal for gifting to your friends, family, and colleagues on special occasions.

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