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The Owl Moon Cactus

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This Product Contains -: 

  • Cactus Plant . 
  • Height of Plant Approximate -: 10to 30 cm 
  • Includes ceramic The Owl Moon
  • We can Keep this in Indoor Plant
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Cacti are great plants to have around for calmness, relaxation and intensive healing issues. Some varieties, like Agave and aloe vera, also contain healing properties long used for remedying many ailments. Agave is known as a natural antiseptic used to treat cuts and burns and aloe vera plants' gel alleviates sunburns, cuts, and bruises.

The cute Owl Moon Planter would be a wonderful addition for your home and office garden. The planter is ideal for herbs, succulents and different varieties of small plants. The designer plant will definitely increase the charm of your garden. It is also ideal for gifting to your friends, family, and colleagues on special occasions.

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