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Up 2 the sky

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This Product Contains -:- 

  • 30 Pink Carnations . 
  • Nicely Arranged in Round Basket with Dries . 
  • Includes Seasonal Fillers to Make It More Beautiful.
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A creative arrangement of carnations and fillers

The beauty of love can be expressed best through flowers. Flowers are the gift of nature to the mankind. The unique gift of nature fits for gifting for any person on any occasion. The relationship is a beautiful and significant part of this life. No person can deny the beauty of relationship because it fills the heart with love, peace, and joy.  Gifting is the best act of expression for expressing the genuine love in any relationship. It is not the gifts but the act of gifting bridges the hearts with love and affection. The value of the gift is not about its price but about the heart behind the gift.

The arrangement of flowers in any set up makes a beautiful gift. Different types of beautiful flowers are there and the one of the cutest could be carnations. The colors of carnations are amazing in its unique way. The amalgamation of light pink and dark pink carnations is absolutely amazing, especially with fillers. The creativity to combine the light and dark pink carnations with fillers should be appreciated.

A nice arrangement in a basket of 30 light pink and dark pink carnations with seasonal fillers is quite impressive. It is an enticing gift not to miss and a perfect choice to gift to any special person in life. A creative arrangement in round basket is mind blowing and the color combination of the carnation and fillers together is really a feast for eyes.  A suitable gift to honor, appreciate and express. 

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