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Vanila cake

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This Product Contains -: 

  • 500 gm Vanilla Cake. 
  • Serves 5-7 Persons. 
  • Eggless Cake. 
  • Knife and Candle Included.
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The smells and tastes of the past are unforgettable!

The ancient day’s cake was vanilla and nothing was unbeatable for the fragrances it gave out. Just today after so many technical baking methods emerged the latest trends of caking baking. But during the late 18th and 19th century a very famous flavor was vanilla. It was extracted from vanilla orchids which gave out a special aroma. When the cake is baked, the complete shop or house gets the fragrances. Today the same kind of vanilla cakes is available without missing the aroma.

Pure as vanilla

The new 500 gm of vanilla cake is bringing the same flavor of past days. The true vanilla essence is added to the cake mixture to make it yummier. People can surely get moved with this cake because it brings back the childhood memories without any disturbances. The cake easily melts and gives the ultimate pleasure of tasting something new and fresh. People who are interested in the vanilla cake can surely get these kinds of cakes which give the authentic flavors. These flavors are one of the best ways to remember the olden tastes. Even these cakes can be served to neighbors or friends during any of the special occasion. It is very important for people to choose such quality cakes for serving others.

The vanilla cake is a perfect choice for any kind of occasion. It goes smoothly with any kinds of drinks and other snacks. Just enjoy the bite of every slice and get lost into the yumminess of cakes.   

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